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Stay in Bliss is a dynamic meditation based Yoga program for people of all ages. It includes very gentle and soothing movement of body with breath. Chanting, dance and Satsang are the part of this program. Techniques included in this program are very simple and effective. It recharges whole energy structure of a person, brings peace within and leads to a life full with Love and Light.
CYI invites all individual, organizations from all over the world to work in collaboration for fulfillment of the vision behind these project.

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Thank you very much to visit our website. You all are our inspiration. Find out a time in your daily life to practice Classical Yoga, you will definitely feel changes in your physical and mental energy level and spiritual journey. We are here always to assist you. Feel free to contact us for Personal Yoga Consultation, Corporate Yoga Classes, Children Yoga Camp, Psychological Yoga workshop, Classical Yoga Teacher Training Course or any other queries regarding Yoga.
May the supreme self bless all of us.

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1)Hatha Yoga 2)Dhyan Yoga

3)Swara Yoga 4)Bhakti Yoga

5)Gyan Yoga 6)Karma Yoga

7)Nada Yoga

Classical Yoga

"Yoga" is derived from the Sanskrit word which means “Unity”. It is a spiritual practice which goal is connection with inner self. Yoga has been available in theoretical and philosophical form in Indian spiritual tradition since last more than 10000 years before. Classical Yoga intents the Yoga deeply rooted in Indian spiritual tradition.

Sit for a moment, observe your body and mind. Made of five element (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space), this body and mind are constantly active. Breathing is going on, heart beats is incessantly present and all internal organs are doing their own functions. There is vortex of thoughts; so many thoughts are in the unconscious mind some are lying in the subconscious mind. For a moment, you are looking at your internal world. Who is behind these all actions? Who is providing so much energy for existence of these all actions? Classical yoga interprets that how can we get established in our true nature which is medium of these all actions. Establishing in our true nature is the key of control on internal world, physical and mental health, peace and bliss and ultimately it leads to a state which is called Shoonya i.e. Emptiness. "Classical yoga is a path of realization and experience of our own true nature”.

No matter which type of life you are living, Practice of classical yoga brings a positive transformation in your thoughts, feelings, intellect and energy level. You have no need to be physically flexible to practice classical Yoga, just enjoy Classical Yoga flow and you will feel always better.

Classical texts

  • Swara Yoga (Unknown author and time of appearance)

  • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (4th Century by Patanjali Maharishi),

  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika (Preached in 9th Century by Yogi Matsyendranath. Compiled in a book form by Swatmaram around 15-16th century)

  • Shiva Samhita (1500 BC, complied in 17th-century by Unknown aurthor)

  • Gherand Samhita (17th-century by Maharishi Gherand),

  • Classical Yoga International

    CLASSICAL YOGA INTERNATIONAL is a premier organization of Classical Yoga following the tradition of Incarnated master Ethou Ekan Sidaba. It provides step by step guidelines for theoretical as well as practical part of Classical Yoga by eminent teachers, Yogis and Gurus. The main approach of teachings of this organization is a complete physical, mental and spiritual transformation of yoga aspirants so that they could connect with their Inner self. It was established in 2015 in Varanasi with a vision to benefit every section of society with amazing power of classical yoga. Wherever you are, Whatever you do, whatever your routine is, whatever your energy levels is, we feel pleasure to help you always. Through its different courses and workshops this organization is dedicated in serving of humanity through Classical Yoga teachings.

    Objects of institute

  • Providing a better skill in Hatha Yoga (Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha and Shatkarma).

  • Practical and Theory of Internal part of Yoga ie.(Pratyahara, Dharana and Dhyana).

  • Yoga Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology.

  • Education of Sanskrit language, Mantra,Yantra and kirtan.

  • Teaching of management for common diseases.

  • Yoga Sadhana Courses.

  • Providing the knowledge of all traditional yoga systems such as Svara Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Nada Yoga , Gyana Yoga etc.

  • Study of Yogic scriptures eg. Patanjali Yoga Sutra , Hatha Yoga Pradeepika, Shiva Samhita etc.

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    Our Courses

    Psychological Yoga

    "Transform your mind, Free yourself" Psychological Yoga is breathing based Yoga Program which focus on transformation of mind through breat...

    Classical Yoga Therapy

    "Management of diseases through Yoga" Classical yoga therapy is Integral form yoga where one can learn yogic causes, prevention method an...

    Teacher training course

    "200 Hours Classical Yoga teacher training course" This course is very unique program for all the aspirants who are willing to learn deeper...

    Our Team

    Classical Yoga System

    Classical Yoga system has main 7 branches which are known by the following names. 1)Hatha Yoga 2)Dhyan Yoga 3)Swara Yoga 4)Bhakti Yoga 5)Gyan Yoga 6)Karma Yoga 7)Nada Yoga
    In addition to classical yoga system, contemporary or other modern branches of yoga are mixed of either two or more than two branches of classical Yoga system. e.g Kriya Yoga, Raja Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Laya Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Kundalini Yoga etc.
    Each branch has its own medium and techniques but goal is common among all branches of Yoga i.e connection with inner self. According to own physical and mental energy level and interest, one can choose any branch of Yoga and practice under guidance of a guru.
    1)Hatha Yoga- In this branch, emphasis is on balance and harmony of movements of vital forces in body. Asana(Physical postures),Pranayama (Breathing techniques),Mudra( Body gesture), Bandha(Breath retention practices), Shatkarma( Body purification) are techniques used in Hatha Yoga.
    2)Dhyan Yoga- Here emphasis is on dissolution of mind. Dharana (Concentration practices), Dhyan (meditation) are techniques used in this branch.
    3)Swara Yoga- Here, emphasis is on harmony between Nature and cycle of breath. Nadi Sodhana(Purification of energy channels) in the body is major technique of this branch.
    4)Bhakti Yoga -Devotion to supreme self is the main practice of this branch. Kirtan(Chanting), Pooja( Worhsip), Prayers etc are techniques of Bhakti Yoga.
    5)Jnana Yoga- Wisdom is important part of this branch. Self study, Satsang (Hearing the lecture with Masters), Contemplation are the major techniques here.
    6) Karma Yoga- Selfless action is focus point of this branch. Seva (Selfless action) is technique of Karma Yoga.
    7)Nada Yoga - Listening the inner sound (Anahat) arising from our own subtle body is focus of this branch. Practice of musical notes with awareness is major technique used here.
    Kriya Yoga (Mixed practice of Hath, Dhyan and Bhakti Yoga)
    Raja Yoga (Mixed practice of Hath, Dhyan and Gyan Yoga)
    Vinyasa Yoga (Kind of Hath Yoga)
    Laya Yoga (Mixed practices of Dhyan and Bhakti Yoga)
    Mantra Yoga (Mixed practice of Dhyan and Bhakti Yoga)
    Kundalini Yoga (Mixed practice of Swara, Dhyan and HathYoga).



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